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Author Topic: Verados seem to break a lot......  (Read 22774 times)

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« on: May 26, 2008, 03:14:37 PM »

...about as much any other product that's out there.... The one caveat to a worldwide board such as this,  is it concentrates all the owners IN THE WORLD in one place so consequently it looks as if everyone is having problems; seems all pencil coils, floats, lower ends and overheats are crippling Verados...and they are breaking right out of the box.....The truth is for every one person that posts a problem here, there are hundreds of others that are running fine. One problem in AUS, the US and in Italy and we can get the impression all of them produced are bad. At a owner's get together last year among 40 south Florida owner's we had about 3 people who had a problem in the 1st two years of ownership. One gov't agency is retiring tens of verados quarterly at 2500 hours with  ZERO problems. Also make sure you read all the way thru the thread - at least 50% of the problems here are something minor or not even a verado problem - like the emergency lanyard posts....

check out some of the other boards that deal with a specific engine or boat mfr and you'll see what I mean....also, if these engines had major ongoing problems, you would read it all over generic boards like Thehulltruth.com or or Bassboatcentral.com.....
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