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Title: Verado 150 pencil coils
Post by: jgib on June 14, 2019, 01:39:35 pm
Just passing along my experience.  Several years ago my Verado 150 with about 250 hrs would not get top rpm but ran fine below about 4500 rpm.  After playing with the fuel system to no avail (float switch mod was incorporated) it still behaved the same.  After much searching for info I bit the bullet and changed all the pencil coils and that fixed the problem.  Recently (with about 350 hrs on the motor) it started doing the same thing.  Again, I changed the coils and took the boat out.  At first, it bogged down again which disappointed me greatly but didn't stop my fishing.  After fishing, and in smoother waters, I opened it up and it ran great.  Got top rpm, no bogging.  Perhaps the previous bad coil plug was fouled a bit due to not firing and after running awhile cleaned up its act?  The new coils are Titans - $37 on Amazon but I see Ritco - $35 on Ebay and Delphi - $22 on Amazon (discovered these after buying the Titans). 

Shortly after the above discussion, the problem came back, ie., runs great up to about 4100 rpm and will get to around 5000 if throttle is advanced very gradually but bogs down if advanced farther or if advanced quickly (as pulling up a skier).  I checked and gapped the plugs, had the fuel injectors cleaned (about $25 a pop).  In line fuel filter and water separating filter (under cowling) replaced.  Fuel is fairly fresh.  I gave up trying to fix it myself and took to a mech.  He seems very knowledgeable and will check it out.  I should know in a week what the problem is.  I will post the results.  However, in discussions with the mech, he suggested I install a water separating filter in the fuel line before the motor.  I seem to have read or heard that this is unnecessary in Verados with the red top, castellated water separating filter under the cowling on starboard side.  If I remember, I even heard or read that installing another filter could restrict fuel flow and be detrimental to engine operation.  My mech strongly advises me to put one in.  Any thoughts?  Thanks

I installed a new set of pencil coils (from Amazon at $37 each) and plugs and it runs like new now.

Title: Re: Verado 150 pencil coils
Post by: paulswagelock on June 17, 2019, 12:06:08 pm
Any part numbers for each brand?

Title: Re: Verado 150 pencil coils
Post by: Samuelgage on June 18, 2019, 07:03:47 pm

Title: Re: Verado 150 pencil coils
Post by: Big Easy on September 02, 2019, 02:46:48 pm
How are the coils holding up I have the same issue and need to buy coils and canít decide between OEM or the ones you bought.  Any insight will help.

Title: Re: Verado 150 pencil coils
Post by: jgib on September 09, 2019, 12:41:02 pm
For bigeasy and samuelgage:  As previously noted, the new coils I bought on Amazon for about $38 each worked like a champ so far.  I have only been out once though.  Something strange is going on with "OEM" replacement coils however.  The ones I bought were advertised as OEM replacements but clicking on "more product info" on the Amazon website does not give the manufacturer info nor any guarantee period.  They do not seem to be Delphi although they appear the same.  They are no longer available on Amazon which makes me wonder if some fly-by-night manufacturer convinced Amazon they were good as OEM and Amazon advertised them as such but now Amazon has taken them off their supply.  I looked at the coils at my local Merc dealer ($105 each) and they have a Delphi stamp or engraving at the top but the ones I bought do not have that marking.  If these go bad I may try the Delphi GN10168 coils at about $23 each on Amazon which another blogger said worked for him.  Mercury does not make coils it seems.  They use Delphi.  I will post if these coils fail.  Good boating.