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Title: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Glen on January 14, 2011, 09:29:17 am
1. All lower ends, no matter if they are Yam, Etec, Zuke or Merc are the weak link in an outboard system. There is a tremendous amount of power going thru some small components. You never want to act like an offshore racer as that's why they have a guy just for the throttles - because props that come out of the water and continue to be powered ( throttle kept open) start super spinning and then when you slam them back the water, they can screw up the lower end.  Imagine jacking up the back wheels on your car, and getting up to 60 mph and then dropping the car back on the asphalt - you would not have much transmission left. Same here. So leave the offshore racing/wave jumping to the pros and don't "bark" the motors - meaning letting the props leave the water.

2. If you have a 6 cylinder design verado, it means the lowest cylinder is near the water line. And for some reason, most mfrs mount 20 or 25 inch motors that put the engine low in the water - I think that's crazy, and love my 30 inch shafts, as my motors are out of the mist and froth and stay clean and dry. But there is one thing that can hurt you when mounted low. Don't "chop" the throttles when in cruise back down to zero. That means when you want to slow down to idle to fish, don't just yank the throttles back to neutral so the boat comes off plane so fast that the wake water comes slamming back into the motors and sometimes if the exact right conditions occur, (big wave & exhaust valve open), it can back up water into the lower cylinder. Like everything else in life, go easy when making changes.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: loco on August 15, 2017, 08:12:04 am
Just curious reading about slowing down # 2 don't . I deep drop a lot and always back up in current and do get wave slapping back of motors. is this a problem.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Glen on August 15, 2017, 03:08:17 pm
It can be ....if you go too fast in reverse and jam water into the lower cyl

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Carlos G on October 13, 2017, 12:42:14 pm
Hello folks ...first post so I may make some errors ...apologies in advance .
I have ordered and adapted new boat for my disabilities with twin  new 2oo verado s L4 fitted.
Delivery expected mid December 2017 ..i have read your great tips and running in advice and downloaded engine manual .  I have not had outboards before so am eager to get up to speed knowledge wise .The boat is a 29'cabin cruiser a boat 4300kgs .
I have some concerns about running engines in and talk of setting piston rings ....
Winter is will be well in in December and South coast English channel seas not so good at times .The procedures mention every ten minutes or so to increase rpm above the 4300  ...
Attaining 1 to 4 minutes WOT and above 4300 rpm would be very difficult for me given the sea state rec and my disabilities it ok to slow down  or stop every every ten minutes or so and put engines  into  neutral , then increase rpm to set the piston rings as discussed . I know this might appear crazy question .but only had inboard diesels before and am excited about how these verado l4 200 will enable me ..but would like to get running / breaking in right.
Many thanks for any help and advice .
Carlos G  Hampshire England.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Glen on October 13, 2017, 12:55:02 pm
That will be fine. Just do what you can. These engines are very strong and very capable, and donít have fragile break-in procedures.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Carlos G on October 13, 2017, 06:24:35 pm
Many thanks for your I was getting concerned about  trying to maintain rpm over 4300 even for short bursts ... boat would be doing over 30 knots  at those rpm, which would be a bit "intense" in a beamy family cruiser some of the Christmas  winter short steep seas  around here. But i will try raise the the rpm out of gear for bursts ( when engines fully warmed up) .during the break in period.
Looking forward to the boat delivery and commisioning of the twin 200 verados L4s .Brunswick have specified 4 blade vensura props and to ease my concentration burden, I have optioned the mercury auto trim electronics.
Great website forum ..loads of useful good relevant  information...well done all 
Thank you

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: on October 18, 2017, 07:20:06 pm
Don't bother with raising RPM out of gear - with no load, there is no cylinder pressure.  It's that pressure that forces the rings to expand and seat.  It's all about getting load on the motor for break in.  The big thing is to avoid extended low power, so don't idle much, keep power to them.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Carlos G on October 20, 2017, 04:28:18 pm
Hi thank you for the reply and heads up info about not bothering with the slow down to neutral gear and out of gear raising rpm for running in. That makes sense about the piston back pressure thing....I had originally thought of that idea  as a way of raising rpm every ten minutes to do the Running in ring setting thing discussed on here, which is  a bit of a worry for me I have to get used to our first  outboard engined  boat as well some higher rpm Verado  handling!  Fingers crossed....folks tell me that twin four blade props with twin 200's will be fun and more exciting than our previous  twin diesel heavy shaft boat....the heavy steering i struggled to cope with in the end .
 Hopefully the sea state  around Christmas time  will allow us to put some  load on the twin l4 200's. The boat spec says the cabin cruiser boat is about 4300 kg and will have some extra stores on board as we are hopefully going to spend  Christmas  break on the boat.
Is it advisable to start using the Quicksilver Quickleen for the first fill of the petrol tank to help clean intial running in?

Thank you again for all your responses.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: on October 20, 2017, 10:27:20 pm
Quickare is for every fill up, Quickleen is a periodic maintenance additive you don't need right out of the gate.  It cleans up deposits, which your new motors will not have.

When you launch, you need to see what your top RPM is so you can ensure the correct prop.  The Vensura starts at 17 pitch, which is a lot of pitch for L4s on your weight of boat.  You need to hit 5800-6400, preferably on the higher side of that range.

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: Carlos G on October 21, 2017, 02:51:18 pm
Hi thankyou again, I have read your response early this evening and very helpful info.
Likewise your advice on prop spec .Have got my better half on the case of ordering up the Quicksilver products you mentioned and also the corrosion guard spray..ready for December.

I have dug out the Brunswick Belgium supplied to uk  specification spread sheet for the twin 200 L4 install on the production  Quicksilver 855.
Install ...they detail ( and I don't process to know yet what all the other non prop  details mean ..but I'm on the learning curve) they quote Vensura 14 ◊ 19 ◊ 4BL SS  part no.825900A48 and 825901A48 ( which I'm guessing is the counter rotation handed prop....
The spec also states that the "A" dimension = 18.8" ? and the bolt location hole as = 4th.
Tonight I'm going to web search for  a working drawing of a  single or preferably  twin Verado 200 general arrangement install.
 The knowledge would be good for me anyway and before my Disabilities I was a boat builder so I can read drawings  ok ....and suss out what dimension "A" is.

The only other spec I can find is that twin engine spacing is 26" and is non power assisted hydraulic steering . The dealer's/ builder/head office in Belgium  have stated that the steering weight is fine and that is why no option is offered for electrical pump powered assistance ....but if I struggle with the steering weight with my disabilities they could figure out how to fit the mercury assistance pump.....but would mean lots of new hydro lines  and new steering (helm manual pump  body).  Mentioned guesstimate of the possible additional costing  figure of about £2600 ex tax I might try do some muscle  working out before the boat arrives ! ... and it has to be lighter that our old shaft drive manual hydraulic steering....hopefully....
We have not been able to find another twin 200 verado 855 Quicksilver  boat UK wise .plenty of same boat with the Verado  350 singles installed and lots of same boat inboard Mercruisers ..

I have found loads of internet at sea pictures of Euro production version of our incoming boat called a Uttern C87 , with lovely twin verado 200s installed ..but non in the UK..Hence my eagerness to find out info.  Have been  trying to zoom up internet pictures  but as the way luck goes ..the nut and bolt interesting bits  are not all that visable.   With your tech knowledge, and thank you again all,  am I correct in thinking on L4 engine install ( boat not shipped from Poland/ Belgium  with engines fitted  )..that the second engine has its steering ram removed and a tie bar or link rod is used to transfer steering input from the other engines transom well steering ram or does each engine have its steering ram?
 Sorry if these are dumb explain.. for me to ask questions ..the .Dealer specified Main agent Mercury install dealer is about 45 miles away...I m No longer able to drive (specialist didn't mention not helming boats though !) and my speech is slow for me and somewhat embarassing for me using  over telephone line (better face to face so people can see that I havn't had one too many good single malts ).   Just doing my best to try absorb info stuff early before the pressure of  steep info learning curve when boat arrives. The  " what Mercury don't tell owners " guide  is just great...full of sensible info and tips .
I'm sorry I am unable to quote engine numbers or  engine series product all we have is downloaded manual. we should get on boat delivery Hopefully they will be 2017 production.twin verado l4 200s.... but very  proud and excited to be going with Mercury Verado engines anyway!

Carlos G

Title: Re: 2 "Dont's" when running Verados
Post by: on October 23, 2017, 08:44:49 pm
Hi Carlos,

  You are correct, those part numbers are for LH & RH props.  For what it's worth, the Vensura is an older prop that was discontinued this year.  You will not be able to obtain a replacement once current stock is depleted.  You might inquire about using Rev 4 props instead.

  On a twin L4 Verado setup, you usually have a single cylinder and tie bar.  It is possible to have twin cylinders where required (such as a catamaran).

  Sounds like you will have a great December coming!  Enjoy